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Founded over three decades ago, Vogal initially specialized in mechanical installation. Over the years, carefully planned growth and expansion has seen us not only enhance our reputation and increase our number of service offerings, but develop as an organization. Our level of expertise has branched out so wide that we are now distinguished as industry specialist, providing the most professional and valuable M&E design, planning, installation and maintenance services to clients.

While the business has overseen such large growth within the industry, there is one thing that has remained the same. Our commitment to our clients and the level of professionalism we ensure within each and every project we undertake. Our desire to innovate and exceed all expectation has been the driving force behind our ever-increasing list of satisfied clients, one that will only continue to grow with us as an organisation.

Having gained such vast experience as an M&E service provider, we set-up Vogal Training as a means to help others make use of our industry-specific expertise. The Vogal Training Centre specialises in high quality and bespoke commercial training programmes as well as apprenticeship training. Offering a comprehensive range of facilities, such as; Electrical, Mechanical, Fabrication and Welding workshops, the centre is also used as a venue for lectures and meetings.

As an approved centre for City and Guilds (C&G), Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH), The Science, Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies Alliance (SEMTA) and the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), the Vogal Training Centre offers multi-level training programmes across the following disciplines;

  • Electrical, mechanical, fabrication and welding engineering.
  • Maintenance engineering
  • Electrical installation
  • Health & Safety
  • Manufacturing
  • Specialist courses
  • Standard and bespoke training courses
  • Warehousing and storage

In addition to distinguishing ourselves from our competitors in the quality and value of service we provide, Vogal also assures our clients of setting exceptionally high health and safety standards throughout every level of the organisation. In an industry where correct health and safety measures are paramount, we believe it crucial to not simply meet requirements, but to implement procedures that provide the safest working environment possible for both our customers and employees.

As well as being a Chartered Member of IOSH, Vogal are Safe Contractor Accredited and undertake the Construction Skills Certification Scheme safety passport. Encouraging the best available health and safety training to every employee, we have seen several employees reach the highest level of accreditation within their field, including our on-site Certified Machinery Safety Expert.

At Vogal, we have implemented a strong environmental policy, ensuring that not only is the level of service we provide our clients with of the highest possible standard but that it is a service that doesn’t negatively impinge on the environment.

It is imperative that we, as part of the mechanical and electrical service industry, work in partnership with the government and share a collective responsibility to maintain a balance in satisfying the demands of the developing world, whilst protecting the natural environment from irreversible damage. Our approach is one based on fact, science and risk benefit assessment, one that appreciates the environment is a complex and dynamic system and that understands we must respond to accommodate the changing needs of our consumers and advancements in technology.

In order to achieve our aim in maintaining the quality of service we offer, whilst enhancing our understanding and treatment of the environment, we do the following;

  • Comply with all codes, consents and directives issued as local, national and European (where possible we strive to better and improve such codes).
  • Minimise pollution and wastage of resources in areas where we are responsible or can exert influence by assessing and evaluating the impact of our existing and potential procedures with specific regard to the environment.
  • Monitor developments that will support achievement of our environmental policy, support research into the use of environmentally preferable alternatives, and use such alternatives wherever possible.
  • We utilise the processes at our disposal to reduce the risk of creating, emitting or discharging any pollutant or waste.
  • Ensure the highest level of training is provided to those working for, or on behalf of, Vogal to encourage and promote awareness of all environmental issues relating to their job.
  • Consistently undertaking regular audits of our operations to guarantee continued compliance with the aforementioned principles.