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At Vogal, we have implemented a strong environmental policy, ensuring that not only is the level of service we provide our clients with of the highest possible standard but that it is a service that doesn’t negatively impinge on the environment.

It is imperative that we, as part of the mechanical and electrical service industry, work in partnership with the government and share a collective responsibility to maintain a balance in satisfying the demands of the developing world, whilst protecting the natural environment from irreversible damage. Our approach is one based on fact, science and risk benefit assessment, one that appreciates the environment is a complex and dynamic system and that understands we must respond to accommodate the changing needs of our consumers and advancements in technology.

In order to achieve our aim in maintaining the quality of service we offer, whilst enhancing our understanding and treatment of the environment, we do the following;

  • Comply with all codes, consents and directives issued as local, national and European (where possible we strive to better and improve such codes).
  • Minimise pollution and wastage of resources in areas where we are responsible or can exert influence by assessing and evaluating the impact of our existing and potential procedures with specific regard to the environment.
  • Monitor developments that will support achievement of our environmental policy, support research into the use of environmentally preferable alternatives, and use such alternatives wherever possible.
  • We utilise the processes at our disposal to reduce the risk of creating, emitting or discharging any pollutant or waste.
  • Ensure the highest level of training is provided to those working for, or on behalf of, Vogal to encourage and promote awareness of all environmental issues relating to their job.
  • Consistently undertaking regular audits of our operations to guarantee continued compliance with the aforementioned principles.