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Exciting opportunities

As part of our business development process, Vogal will be embarking on an initial twenty four month trainee development plan.

This will require the recruitment of directly employed mechanical and electrical advanced apprentices with the remaining number formulating a co-initiative training scheme with the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB).

We require four mechanical and four electrical advanced apprentices and up to twelve trainees for the joint ECITB training scheme.

The training will be undertaken at our own dedicated and approved Training Centre in Ailsworth.

The advanced apprentices will follow the apprenticeship framework of;
• Performing Engineering Operations (PEO NVQ level 2)
• Functional skills
• A City and Guilds vocational qualification
• The appropriate skill based level 3 NVQ.

The training for the joint ECITB initiative will also take place at Vogal Industrial Training two days a week completing PEO units. This joint initiative has been developed by Vogal with the ECITB.

The purpose of the “new” joint initiative is to put into place, as part of our pipeline for the future and providing targets are met, the potential Vogal advanced apprentices for the following year’s intake.

We will be looking to employ and train managers for future and continued success for our company.

There will be the potential for successful applicants demonstrating a positive aptitude and attitude to advance themselves via HNC and other training courses to become the supervisors, managers and even directors of the future.

Should this development process prove to be successful, it will continue to be a rolling process going forward year on year with 2016 being the initial year of formulation.

We envisage that potential apprentices can apply at any time during the year with a start date for both schemes of October each year.

If you are interested in taking up this opportunity please contact kl@vogalgroup.com

Also, if you would like to see what engineering is really about, we can arrange for you to undertake a taster day at our Training Centre undertaking some practical tasks and even possibly visiting one of the sites where the Vogal Group is working.

These are exciting times for the Vogal Group, the potential apprentices and for Peterborough in general.